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Saves Time And Money

How many times have you or your customers left the water running on a pool fill by mistake?

Durable / reusable

Auto fill / drain / stop

1” valve supplied

Outdoor rated power supply included

Use for new fills, repairs, replacement liners

Average 20-30 GPM

Watertight sensor / sealed electronics

Durable UV protected casing
* Remote Battery Pack option available
* Vacuum and Blower option available

– WiFi based / web based configuration
– Mobile accessibility
– Real time trending of information
– Alerts in real time
– Easier to monitor & control from any location

Finally the most reliable pool assistant to come along in years has arrived!

Just set the technically advanced Pro Service Kit Sensor to the desired water height, place the Receiver Unit in the ground with the supplied stake, attach and turn on the water then make more MONEY by heading off to other projects instead of waiting around for hours while the pool is filling.

Pool Professionals can finally have Peace of Mind knowing that the
New Wave Live Pro Service Kit will automatically shut off the water at the desired height.

Save time and MONEY

An Industry Game Changer Has Arrived

Contact US for more information.

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