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The First & ONLY Nicheless LED Light

The Pro Flow 360 can be installed in ANY return line without altering the existing structure!



Mounts directly into any existing Return Fitting (Fully Retro)

Pools, spas, fountains, above ground applications (Fully Retro)

Low voltage (12VAC)

360 full water flow (greater agitation) will not restrict water flow

No need to alter the existing deck or finished surface area

10W & 15W max power draw options

The only product on the market that allows you to install an HD Camera & LED Light System into ANY return!

“Much better flow than a 3/4″ Eyeball”
“Full 360° flow”
“Better distribution of heated water around the pool”
“Reduces circulation time”
“Saves money and energy”


Review of the ProFlow 360°
by Reza Afshar, P.E., C.G.E.
Afras Industries, Inc.

Can also be used on Retro and New Construction

An Industry Game Changer Has Arrived

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